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Two weeks! Alright!
November 20th, 2010, 2:23PM EST
Jamming to: Somewhere Only We Know - Keane // It's Not Over Yet - A Very Harry Potter Sequel

Went and saw Harry Potter and the Extended Camping Trip Deathly Hallows last night. I liked it. I felt it portrayed the first half of the book quite well. Not quite a fan of the cut and pastes, but it showed how taxing the journey was on all of them and I liked that. And they wove humour into it, still, which I appreciated. I even dressed up for the occassion.

Hufflepuff Pride, yo~ The best house of all! <3
Anywho, onto business. We've recieved almost all of our RSVP's! Today was the deadline, but Canada doesn't get mail on Saturdays. Heh. So, after Monday I'll go through and start making phone calls. We're getting REALLY excited! It doesn't seem real that in two weeks we'll be standing at the altar together. <3
We met with father Peter last week and he's awesome! I feel totally comfortable with him and he seems like a very genuine eprson, which I like. :3
So, hopefully I'll have at least one or two more entries before the big day! We'll see everyone in two weeks! :D

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P.S. I've been asked what "disapperated" means by a few people. It's a Harry Potter term. Apperating is what wizards do to teleport from place to place. When you disapperate you leave a spot. Hope that clears that up for some people. <3

Less than one month to go!
November 7th, 2010, 11:00AM EST
Jamming to: No Tax on Truffles - Vinyl Cafe Story by Stuart McLean

So, less than a month to go! <3
Lots of appointments for this month and I'm starting to get really excited! My bridal shower was last week and it was nice to see everyone. I'll have pictures to post soon.
I'm sitting here drinking my hot chocolate and giggling to the Vinyl Cafe. It's a great way to spend a Sunday morning. I adore the Vinyl Cafe.
Looking foreward to seeing everyone next month! t minus 28 days to go!
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Appointments Abound!
October 28th, 2010, 9:50PM EST
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Appointments! Appointments! Appointments!
My free time seems to revolve around them at the moment! I have one tomorrow with our florist, one on Wednesday with our decorator, the church is in the second week of November and then on the 19th I have my hair and make-up trials. And I have some DIY projects I'm working on at the same time. I've changed my mind AGAIN on our centrepieces. I'm sure they'll look gorgeous. I feel bad for being so featherbrained, though.
I'm excited for Halloween! Heading to Jared and Brandi's for a party on Saturday and then my bridal shower is on Sunday! I'm excited to see everyone this weekend. It'll be busy and awesome!

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This One's For the Peanut Gallery~
October 20th, 2010, 12:17AM EST
Jamming to: The Chase - Taylor Matthews // A Million Ways - OK GO

So, some people *coughLENcough* have asked me to update more frequently and with more substance to my posts. Ok. I can do that~ I've actually never had people harass me tp update more often in the 10 years or so that I've had this website. It's kinda flattering. <3

So, I'd like certain people to know that I did try to update this blog earlier this evening, like promised. I really did. However, my external harddrive decided to die. And that caused my entire laptop to go screwy it would seem. *le sigh* I had some cute pictures I was gonna upload, but now I need to get a new copy of Photoshop and re-install it and whatnot. So, hopefully sometime soon. I hope you're happy, certain people. >[

In other news, I get my new glasses tomorrow, so I'm uber excited about that. It'll be nice to see properly again. And I'm excited for my new frames. Vera Wang designed them~ <333
That's about it for now. Thank you to everyone who's sent back their RSVP! I love opening the mail box to see them! :D
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Full Steam Ahead!
October 17th, 2010, 10:34PM EST
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Wow. 48 days left. Not that we're counting. *cough*
Time is starting to go reeeally quickly! It feels like just yesterday I was going gaga over the fact that it was less than 100 days. Now, it's less than 50! Someone hurry up and stop time so we can get a chance to breathe!
David and I are really starting to pull together and get things sorted out. We have an awesome playlist, our programs are done, favours should be done sometime next month and almost all the major aspects are taken care of. Lets hope we can get all the small things completed before Dec 4th!
Is everyone excited for Halloween?
I'm excited to dress up! I'll be sure to post some nice pictures. David might not be dressing up, but I sure am!
PS. Everyone should make sure to vote for Violetta and PJ on Battle of the Blades! <3

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OMG! o___o
October 4th, 2010, 11:55PM EST
Jamming to: American Pie - Don Mclean


That is all.

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Where did the time go?!
September 27th, 2010, 7:55PM EST
Jamming to: Before It's Too Late - Goo Goo Dolls

Oh. My. God.

There's 68 days left! WHERE is the time going?
We sent the invites out and I've recieved a few messages from people saying they had been received. I'm excited to start getting out RSVP's back. Lots of little things to do now. Going to start dress fittings next month and start looking more seriously at make-up and hait styles. David still has yet to go get the tuxes picked out, so I'm hoping he'll get the guys together sometime soon for that.
Also starting to pick out the playlist. I have a diverse music selection, but I'm sure not everyone will enjoy dancing to Super Junior. Hee~

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93 days to go!
September 2nd, 2010, 10:08PM EST
Jamming to: Lucifer - SHINee / Fools - Diane Birch

So, first and foremost, I'd like to thank Jane for helping us pay for the honeymoon. Thank you so much, Jane! <3

So, I've started in on our programs today. I won't reveal what they look like, but I'm hoping they'll be ready soon. Now I just have to go get ink for the printer and some good paper. Nicole will be done our invites on the 15th, so we'll be sending them out before the end of the month. I'm hoping to have them addressed by the 20th and ready to mail on the 22nd. We'll see. I'll have to see if mum's still ok with helping with that. I'm super excited to see them, though!
The flags are progressing. I'm hoping to work on them this coming weekend or next Wednesday when I have a day off to myself. I'm thinking of adding rhinestone to them, but not sure yet. We'll see. After that, I'll finish the programs and then get cracking on a few other small things. :)

It's all coming together nicely. And I can't wait!

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Time to start the little things!
August 18th, 2010, 1:10PM EST
Jamming to: Home - A Very Potter Sequel OST / Stutter - A Very Potter Sequel OST

Nothing new to report, really. We're starting to get the little projects taken care of. I'm writing our our programs sometime in the next few days and we started out YAY flags a few days ago.
Amanda came over yesterday to talk cakes. We made a red velvet cake from scratch and damn~ It was tasty. Red velvet for one of our cake layers? Yes please!
Nicole is working on our invites currently, too. SO, everything is starting to come together and with less than 4 months now, time is really flying! Positive thinking is the way to go right now~! I'm sure we'll get everything done on time! *fist pump*
I've added a new gallery for the wedding. Picture from the recent YAY flag get together have been uploaded into it. :)

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Four Months to Go!
August 4th, 2010, 6:35PM EST
Jamming to: Final Distance - Utada Hikaru

We finally have a time for our wedding!

We just got home from the meeting with father Peter and everything is going great. Father Peter seems very nice and we both feel very comfortable with him. Yay! And it's 123 days till the wedding as of today. Or 4 months. WHERE is the time going?! I haven't hit panic mode yet, but it's gonna come up soon, I think. o___o I feel like I should constantly be doing soemthing, but all the big things have been taken care of now. It's mostly little things that require my attention these days, but I'm so overwhelmed by the little things that I loose track of what I need to do.
...If that makes sense.

David keeps reassuring me that everything will be fine, and that I'm not as crazy right now as I will be in late October. Heehee. Nice to know he's here for me. XD

Incidentally, I think for now that I'm going to change my 'sign off' to my proper name. And the banner. At least until after the wedding~ Then it's back to LadyD. XD

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139 days to go!
July 18th, 2010, 5:42PM EST
Jamming to: SAKURAiro - Angela Aki

Well, the Toronto trip was a blast. The Harry Potter exhibit was totally worth the money. I stood 3 inches away from Fred and George's uniforms! I could've touched them, I was so close. (But I didn't, because I'm a good kid.) And we saw Rob, which is always awesome. All in all a fun trip and I finally went to Ikea and I got to eat poutine from Tally Ho. <3

And now, a startling thought has struck me: There's only 139 days left til the wedding! Good lord, where is the time going!? I have completed a bunch of things in preparation for the wedding, but I feel like I have SO much to do still! Thankfully, David is helping me and keeping me sane. And mum and Angel are awesome, too. It's cute, even Jake is getting excited. He seems to love showing my gown pictures to people. Hee~ As long as David doesn't see therm, everything is fine. :)

Added some photo's to the gallery from the trip and a recent picnic expedition with the gang. Check them out in the gallery or on the wedding website!

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Nothing to Report~
July 14th, 2010, 1:37AM EST
Jamming to: Come What May - Moulin Rouge! OST

Nothing really to report on the wedding front. Just trying to decide on centerpieces. Sooo many choices! @___@ It's tough to nail down a certain style I like. Maybe candleabras? We'll see.

We have our first dance song. Need to practice our dancing skills. David has a bad habit of being spontanious when we dance, thus making me seem very awkward. Heehee. :D

In other news, TORONTO ROAD TRIP! Maddi, Nick, Angel and I are going to Hamilton in the morning and then spending the night and doing a Toronto daytrip on the 15th. Gonna try Dim Sum for the first time, see the Harry Potter exhibit at the Ontario Science Center, go to IKEA, get poutine from Tally Ho (OMGYAY) and shopshopshop. 8D Exciting!

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Making Progress!
June 29th, 2010, 10:04PM EST
Jamming to: Alejandro - Lady GaGa

Just a small post about our current progress today. :)
All of the save the dates have gone out! Yay! And I'm picking up my gown from Sophie's Bridal tomorrow! I'm so excited! And no, this is ONE time I will not be posting pictures. Sorry everyone~ You'll have to see the dress on the actual day. ;)
Currently trying to settle on a centerpiece. So far, I'm thinking lanterns with crystal pieces scattered. But, not sure. Hoping to nail it down sometime next month. In the mean time, though, if you wanna say a quick hello please feel free to sign the wedding guestbook on the wedsite! :D
I'd love to see who's stopped by!

In other, non-wedding related news, I am getting SO pumped for the new Harry Potter movie. I just hope it'll be good! I saw one of the behind the scene pictures from the epilogue scene and woah. malfoy looks like he's freaking 60. Twas scary. D:

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Just a random update post~
June 27th, 2010, 3:02PM EST
Jamming to: Paper Moon - Tommy Heavenly6

So, my birthday has come and gone. It was quiet and nice. :)

Met with Kristin at the Quality inn and with To Suit Your Fancy, so wedding stuff is progressing quite nicely. David will be getting in contact with Sacred Heart sometime this week, so we can start tackling the chruch aspect. Right now, we're just trying to decide on centerpieces. Lanterns? Flowers in vases filled with water? Candy? Action figures? The list of ideas is endless! It's very overwhelming! @___@! Here's hoping we'll find something we can both agree to sometime soon. But, other than that, nothing else to report. :)

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Honeymoon Registry is Active
June 8th, 2010, 3:01PM EST
Jamming to: Baby, Now That I've Found You - Alison Krauss & Union Station

Basically a wedding update today.
The honeymoon registry is now active. Huzzah! I got the cute Disney gift card in the mail today. It's glittery! :'D

I'm also in the process of getting the rest of the save the dates addressed. Should have them done by this weekend. Woo. Feeling rather productive today~ Took a personal day from work and glad I did. Haven't been sleeping well lately. P:

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Everything is up to date!
June 6th, 2010, 11:54PM EST
Jamming to: SorrySorry - Super Junior // Hey My Friend - Tommy Heavenly6

It only took about a year, but everything it up to date.
Not only did I overhaul the galleries, but I added a link to the wedding website and made a few new banenrs and whatnot. I've also discovered that the coding only seems to work in FireFox. To those using IE, sorry. FireFox is better, anyway. >__>;
In other news, we booked the honeymoon! We're going to take a 4-night Disney cruise to the Bahamas and then stay at the Contemporary Resort for 6 nights. I am RIDICULOUSLY excited! 8D <3

Wedding Update: The honeymoon is booked (see above). I am just about finished addressing the save the dates. Huzzah. Should have them sent out by Friday. we've booked the block of rooms at the Quality Inn, but we have to book them at the Comfort Inn, still. And our menu meeting is on the 16th with Kristen. Exciting. :3 Still have LOTS to do, though! :D

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It's Aliiiive!
June 4th, 2010, 2:03AM EST
Jamming to: Nothing

I should've gone to bed 2 hours ago. >w>;
Oh well. Revamped a few of the galleries and deleted some old stuff that was taking up space. Adding the rest of the galleries tomorrow. And I'll do a real update tomorrow and all that good stuff. *crawls into bed*

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And so, we begin anew~
June 4th, 2010, 12:30AM EST
Jamming to: Namine - KH: CoM OST

Working on the website as I type. Gonna overhaul the gallery and whatnot. Should take a day or so. Gonna tweak the layout a bit, too. Expect LOTS of wedding crap to be posted on here.

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